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  • Delta customers now have tailored Pharma options across the trans-Atlantic, alongside joint venture partners Air France-KLM Cargo and Virgin Atlantic Cargo who introduced the container earlier this year.

In support of strategic investments in technology and improved customer service, Delta Cargo is now introducing the new CSafe RAP container to its cold-chain pharma program. This high-performing temperature-controlled air cargo container is ideal for pharmaceutical and life-science companies requiring strict temperature regulations to protect its contents from operational and weather challenges during shipments to patients around the world.

CSafe Rap Container
“Delta is focused on driving innovation not only within the company but also within the industry, and the  introduction of the CSafe RAP container is a win for our customers who can now choose from the most technologically advanced containers to safely transport sensitive Pharma freight," explained Shawn Cole, Delta's Vice President  — Cargo. “Alongside our joint venture partners, Air France-KLM Cargo and Virgin Atlantic Cargo, we can now offer our customers tailored Pharma options across our broad trans-Atlantic network.”

The CSafe RAP container has significant advantages for shippers as it utilizes innovative heating and compressor-driven cooling technologies, along with superior insulation, to maintain constant temperatures even at extreme ambient temperatures ranging from -30°C to 54°C — the broadest operating conditions in the industry. The large payload compartment easily accommodates up to four standard U.S. pallets or five standard Euro pallets, and the container has an extended battery run time of over 120 hours with efficiencies found in its best-in-class operating system.

Jeff Pepperworth, CEO of CSafe Global, added, “CSafe is delighted about the addition of Delta to the growing roster of airlines that have gained flight approval for our CSafe RAP active container. With Delta’s extensive global network and first-rate cold-chain pharma program, along with the superior quality and performance of the CSafe RAP, pharma shippers will have a potent combination to effectively transport temperature-sensitive, life-enhancing medicines to needing patients throughout the world.”

Delta received IATA’s CEIV Certification last year for the Atlanta warehouse and headquarters. To date, Delta has 50 Pharma approved stations around the globe with seven CEIV approved facilities in Europe and one in Asia, through partners airlines and handlers, all connected to Delta’s largest cargo operation in Atlanta. 

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