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When the doors opened at Delta Cargo’s DASH office in Atlanta at 5 a.m. one day in late September, a customer was already waiting outside clasping critical legal documents. She urgently needed the papers to be in New York and wanted GPS tracking capabilities. 

“The customer had researched Delta’s GPS On-Demand service,” explained Gareth Joyce, President - Delta Cargo. “But, exemplifying the outstanding customer service Delta people are known for, Clarence Coleman, a Delta Cargo agent, took the time to assess the customer’s needs and got creative, offering her a product that, until now, was operating on a limited trial basis: DASH Critical & Medical.”

Often tasked to deliver important and even life-saving medical shipments, including transplant organs, Delta Cargo is introducing DASH Critical & Medical, the first fully GPS-enabled, same-day product offered by a U.S. freight provider. The new service provides real-time tracking and monitoring of any shipment, and customers can ship items up until 45 minutes before departure.

“It’s faster than flying something to its destination yourself,” said Joyce. “Once the papers landed at LaGuardia later that day, they arrived in the warehouse in just about 30 minutes, and the customer was notified for pick up.”

Designed to stand out, DASH Critical & Medical shipments are required to don unique pink packaging, including an assortment of boxes, labels, tape and bags. All DASH Critical & Medical shipments require mandatory GPS tracking and are proactively monitored by the Cargo Customer Service Center throughout the journey. This ensures that important shipments are in the right place at the right time throughout the shipping process.

The Delta Cargo team is launching DASH Critical & Medical in four hub stations: Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles and Minneapolis.

With Delta’s DASH offering, customers enjoy premium domestic service for small packages, with the highest boarding priority and fastest transit times. But DASH Critical & Medical takes it one step further. Customers can request this service on any item currently accepted for DASH shipment.

If the delivery is impacted by irregular operations, like limited flying due to bad weather, the Cargo Service Center proactively reaches out to the local airport team to help coordinate the export, transfer and import of all DASH Critical & Medical shipments.

DASH Critical & Medical is available for any item less than 16 oz. Larger shipments from companies with TSA Known Shipper status can also be accepted as DASH Critical & Medical.

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