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Delta Air Lines is celebrating its 20th anniversary serving Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Panama this month. Two decades ago, Delta took its first steps in what has grown to be one of the most important operations in the Americas, connecting customers to its extensive network across the U.S. and the world.

Since 1998, nearly 11 million passengers have flown Delta to and from the four Central American nations:

  • Costa Rica: 4 million
  • El Salvador: 2 million
  • Guatemala: 3.3 million
  • Panama: 1.5 million.

Delta’s journey in the region started with the goal of providing greater connectivity to these countries. Together, Delta people began to build a footprint of excellence, diversity, and integrity that has shaped our culture throughout the years.

 “We are very proud of what our teams and colleagues have achieved in the region in two decades,” said Luciano Macagno, Delta’s Managing Director - Latin America and the Caribbean. “We have people that have dedicated years, even half or all of their careers to make Delta what it is today in Central America: a leading company that thrives by engaging our customers in a culture of respect and excellence.”

Currently, Delta offers an average of 15 daily flights to the region.

  • Costa Rica: Daily flights connecting San Jose with Atlanta and Los Angeles, and daily flights connecting Liberia with Atlanta along with seasonal flights to Minneapolis-St. Paul.
  • El Salvador: Daily flights connecting San Salvador with Atlanta and Los Angeles.
  • Guatemala: Daily flights connecting Guatemala City with Los Angeles and Atlanta.
  • Panama: Daily flights connecting Panama City and Atlanta.

Agustin Durand, Delta’s General Manager – Central America and the Caribbean, said, “Over the past two decades, Delta has made significant investments in onboard services, entertainment and technology, focusing on our customer-centric culture. We are thrilled our customers continue to reward us with their loyalty, allowing us to celebrate two decades of service in these key markets in Central America.” 

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