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Delta has made Delta Comfort+ available for direct purchase, alongside Main Cabin and First Class. The change is effective for flights departing on or after May 16, 2016, within the U.S. and Canada.   

In March 2015, Delta introduced Delta Comfort+ as the airline’s industry leading, innovative experience that offers Sky Priority boarding with dedicated overhead bin space, extra legroom, free craft beer and wine, snacks, and complimentary premium entertainment on most flights*.

“Everything we do starts with customers, and based on their overwhelmingly positive feedback, we have invested to make Delta Comfort+ even easier to purchase,” said Tim Mapes, Delta Senior Vice President - Marketing. “Today customers on Delta can choose from a range of flight experiences based on their particular interests, and we’ve updated the way search results display on to showcase the distinct product features that accompany each product.”

Delta Comfort+ is most easily seen when shopping for flights on and the FlyDelta mobile app. Delta is collaborating with its joint venture partner airlines to ensure customers can view availability on combined itineraries, and it’s engaged with distribution partners to allow Delta Comfort+ to be displayed and purchased through travel agents and in consumer direct shopping displays. For Delta-operated international flights, Delta Comfort+ will continue to be sold as an add-on seating option.


Over the past several years Delta has invested billions to improve its products, facilities, aircraft, operations and technology. On board, Delta has created unique travel experiences tailored to customer preferences.

“Our investments and focus on customers have made things like Wi-Fi, Delta Studio and Starbucks coffee standard across our flights. And for customers who value a more premium experience, we have options that include chef-driven menus, craft beer and priority security line access and boarding,” Mapes said. “We think this combined with our on-time, virtually cancel-free operation, customer service and transparency of product features makes Delta the right choice for customers.”


*Premium snacks available on flights over 900 miles. Starbucks, beer, wine and spirits are available on flights over 250 miles. Wi-Fi is available on most U.S. and international flights.