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Just shy of three months until the end of the year, Delta Connection recorded its 113th cancel-free day of 2018 last Friday, Oct. 5  – eclipsing last year's 112 day total.

Delta Connection's strong operational performance continued into this week, with Delta's regional partners notching their 115th last Sunday, Oct. 7, and achieving completion factor of 98.111 percent year to date on Wednesday, Oct. 10. Completion factor is calculated by the measure of flights scheduled versus number of flights flown. For comparison, Delta Connection logged 71 cancel-free days this time last year.

"The Delta Connection team plays a vital role to the airline's global network by connecting people from cities to hubs and destinations around the world," said David Garrison, Delta's Senior Vice President of Delta Connection and Delta Global Services, and CEO of Endeavor Air. "Our partners have done an incredible job delivering a seamless mainline-like experience to customers who put their trust Delta and we're incredibly proud of their performance."

Additionally, the regional teams have also achieved an impressive 235 days without a single maintenance-related cancellation this year, placing them on a trajectory to exceed last year's total of 251 for the entire year.

Six Delta Connection regional carriers: Compass Airlines, Endeavor Air, ExpressJet Airlines, GoJet Airlines, Republic Airlines and SkyWest Airlines operate 42 percent of Delta's total flights and this year are expected to fly approximately 40 million of Delta's customers.

A stronger Delta Connection performance has also helped the airline achieve its 100th brand day of the year on Saturday, Oct. 6. A brand day means the operation saw zero cancellations across Delta mainline and Delta Connection carriers combined. This record comes just weeks after the airline eclipsed its own cancel-free milestone in September.

[1] Based on Delta internal operational reporting for all Delta Connection flights scheduled from Jan. 1, 2018 to Oct. 9, 2018.

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