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Setting the bar high for the year, the six regional carriers flying under the Delta Connection brand accomplished its third consecutive day without a single cancellation on Wednesday. The solid performance was matched by Delta’s mainline operation which had a six-day cancel-free run. 

The Delta Connection streak ended Tuesday after inclement weather in the Northeast drove a handful of air traffic control-related cancellations. Compass, Endeavor Air, ExpressJet, GoJet, Shuttle America and SkyWest Airlines combined to fly more than 7,250 flights during the nearly 88-hour period.

“It’s stellar what our Delta Connection partners as well as Delta mainline have been able to accomplish for our customers,” said Erik Snell, Delta’s Vice President – Delta Connection. “It takes a team to execute a solid operation and wouldn’t happen without the hard work and craft of teams in Delta’s Operations and Customer Center, TechOps, Airport Customer Service, Flight Operations, In-Flight Service and others at Delta and at each of the regional carriers.”

The three-day cancel-free streak is indicative of broader operational performance improvements the Delta Connection portfolio has seen in the last few years. Between 2014 and 2015, cancels were down nearly a full percentage point, equaling thousands of flights and tens of thousands of customers who made it to their destination without disruption.

There were 11 total days of 100 percent completion factor in 2015, compared to two in 2014.

“Providing a seamless experience and reliable operation for our customers whether they’re flying on a mainline aircraft or on a regional jet is part of our brand promise,” said Sue Hamre-Smith, Delta’s Director—Operations and Customer Center Brand Management. “Delta people and our colleagues at our Delta Connection partners are making good on that promise as we continue to innovate the way we operate and serve our 175 million annual customers.”