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Delta is simplifying and adding enhancements to its contract simplification initiative for corporate accounts. These additions build on the success of Legal-Easy, a process launched last year with the aim of cutting contract length by 80 percent and simplifying contract terminology. The new initiatives expand the current offering to encompass three main areas, namely continued contract simplification, streamlining the RFP process and improving speed to market.

Contract Simplification
“We are committed to evolving and enhancing the way that corporate sales contracting is done. We are focused on simplifying and speeding up the contracting process as well as ensuring that Delta is easy to do business with,” said Kristen Shovlin, Delta's Vice President – Sales Operations and Development. “The new products create efficiencies through the entire contracting process from RFP to fare filing.”

Global and multi-national corporate sales contracts will now have a scalable structure which allows for even easier inclusion of contracting airline partners, as well as a consolidated and intuitive commercial pricing structure. Built on the simplicity of our national sales agreements, these enhancements provide customers a single global contract with all airline partners, now including Aeromexico.

“On top of our contract simplification, we are working to streamline the RFP process through closer collaboration with our customers’ consultants,” added Jon Young, Delta’s Director – Corporate Sales Development.“By providing deeper analytical support, we are speeding up the RFP cycle and increasing time for analysis and process understanding.”

Young continues, “Speed to market is also critical for our partners, so we have looked to reduce errors that occur during the filing process. We are also working to ensure that there is a standardized process which cuts down on time spent sending data back and forth for review.”

The new Legal-Easy contract simplification benefits will be available to global and multi-national corporate customers upon their next contract renewal.  Enhancements aimed at streamlining the RFP and contract filing processes will continue to roll-out over the next several months for all corporate customers.

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