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Delta Air Lines’ work to transform the airline industry’s online shopping experience reached a milestone today thanks to a new collaboration with SAP Concur.

Delta will participate in Concur TripLink to provide expanded choice for its corporate customers and travel managers, and SAP Concur will invest in enhancements to its online booking tool with market-leading solutions.

“Customers expect their retail experiences with Delta to extend across all distribution channels, including visibility into multiple product choices and attributes,” said Jeff Lobl, Managing Director – Distribution Strategy. “The combination of Delta joining TripLink and SAP Concur’s investment in enhancing its online booking tool means this collaboration will advance our efforts to bring the transparency and choice on Delta’s direct channels to every customers’ channel of choice."

Delta has been on the leading edge of developing digital channels that show side-by-side comparisons of all products available for a given itinerary, while other distributors continue to simply list a single fare. Now, as Delta’s award-winning digital channels are attracting record numbers of customers, the airline is collaborating with others in the travel industry to bring the same level of consistency, transparency, and choice to the third-party distribution network. 

Delta was a leader in creating branded product choices to fit every customer’s need. Now its efforts to work with industry partners to showcase that choice to customers is rooted in bringing transparency, consistency and choice across all travel distribution channels.  

The Delta integration with Concur TripLink is designed to allow Delta corporate customers to realize the benefits of their managed travel program even when their travelers need to make reservations on Delta’s website or mobile app. TripLink automatically captures those bookings, enabling immediate visibility into traveler spend, application of policy, and robust duty of care.

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