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Today, President and incoming CEO Ed Bastian shared the below letter to employees, customers and community members announcing Delta’s investment in communities worldwide.  

To Delta employees, customers and community partners:

Giving back to the communities where Delta employees live, work and serve has been at the heart of our company for more than 80 years. Many people are drawn to Delta not just because of the service that you provide in our airports or on our airplanes, but in the way you represent our brand by donating your time, talents and resources to a variety of worthwhile causes.

2015 was a remarkable year for Delta, and the communities we call home should share in this success. That’s why, beginning this year, Delta will contribute 1 percent of its net income from the previous year to key charitable organizations. This commitment will be fulfilled through cash contributions and in-kind travel, as well as grants from The Delta Air Lines Foundation. In 2016, Delta is projected to give $37 million to charitable organizations worldwide.

With this new plan in place, Delta’s corporate giving will align with our core values as we strive to impact local communities through continued investments in current partners as well as increased giving and investing in more areas globally. In a sense, this is our version of profit sharing for our community.  The increase in giving will be guided by our existing pillars which include:

  • Supporting Education
  • Promoting Arts and Culture
  • Improving Global Wellness
  • Advancing Global Diversity
  • Saluting Armed Service Members and Veterans
  • Sustaining the Environment

In addition, beginning July 1, 2016, The Delta Air Lines Foundation will match employee and retiree donations on a 1-for-1 basis up to a $5 million cap annually targeting accredited non-profit educational institutions, pre-K through post-graduate. This will provide another valuable way for our employees to get involved and increase their giving. Details about the match will be available in the coming weeks with information about how to get involved.

Whether donating blood to the American Red Cross, building homes with Habitat for Humanity International, constructing a playground with KaBOOM!, educating students through Junior Achievement or building bikes for Marine Toys for Tots, it’s clear that Delta people are committed to volunteering their time to give back. Delta is committed to supporting them with the resources they need to continue to make a difference.

To our employees, thank you for volunteering your time to make a difference. To our customers, thank you for your loyalty and mission in helping us support your local communities. To our community partners, we look forward to continuing our service to you.


Graphic by Courtney Williams