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The ITC written decision makes clear that imports of the innovative CS100 will not harm Boeing because Boeing has no aircraft to offer in this size range.  Delta still intends to take as many deliveries as possible from the new Airbus/Bombardier facility in Mobile, Alabama, as soon as that facility is up and running. However, as the ITC notes, the airline has contractual commitments to begin taking deliveries later this year and the ITC decision clears the way for Delta to accept deliveries in Canada as well. 

Delta continues to be in close contact with Bombardier concerning the revised delivery schedule and looks forward to bringing this innovative and efficient aircraft to its fleet as the exact timing is determined. The company is evaluating how to best match Bombardier's production capacities with fleet needs, and while pleased that imports from Canada can now be part of the near-term solution, Delta looks forward to taking U.S. manufactured aircraft from Mobile when that facility opens.​



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