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Delta has made a $150,000 donation to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund to help college students cover costs such as tuition, books and other essentials.

Since 2015, Delta has aided the efforts to promote Hispanic Scholarship Fund's higher education in the U.S. Hispanic community, a goal closely aligned with Delta’s mission of supporting educational programs throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

“At the heart of Delta’s culture is an important core value: Servant leadership,” said Nicolas Ferri, Delta’s Vice President - Latin America and the Caribbean. “By fostering the development of future generations of Hispanic professionals through the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, we share this value and hope to inspire future generations to be servant leaders in their community. Our commitment to provide $150,000 for scholarships this year will make a significant impact in the lives of many students, and hopefully some day they will pay it forward by helping someone else achieve the dream of graduating from college.”

Delta regularly demonstrates its commitment to the Hispanic community by partnering with civic and nonprofit organizations to make a difference. This year, Delta plans to expand its engagement with Hispanic communities though increased corporate social responsibility work. This year’s focus will be education, which Delta will promote across key Latin American, Caribbean and U.S. Hispanic markets through actions such as this donation.

Ferri said Delta looks forward to continuing its partnership with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund and fulfilling its goal of supporting Latino education.