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​Delta Wellness continues to rake in the recognition with the prestigious "Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles" 2017 Platinum award from The National Business Group on Health. This is Delta's third straight year earning recognition from the NBGH and its first year achieving platinum status.

With this award, the top honor awarded each year by the non-profit association of 425 major U.S. employers, the NBGH recognizes Delta as offering one of the best workforce health and well-being programs in the nation.

"We are delighted to recognize Delta for their innovative approach to employee, family and community health and well-being," said Brian Marcotte, President and CEO of the National Business Group on Health. "Delta is among an elite group of employers who are embracing well-being as an important part of their workforce strategy and working to construct a culture that promotes productivity, engagement and happiness.  We congratulate Delta and their leaders." 

The awards are split into three categories – silver, gold and platinum. Delta earned its platinum status by implementing a workforce well-being strategy that demonstrated positive results among employees. The award was received by Vickie Strickland, Director - Health Strategy & Resources, and Jae Kullar, Manager - Health & Wellbeing, at the awards dinner in Austin, TX.

"Personal wellness is a key ingredient in the success of Delta's employee-centric culture," said Strickland. "It's an investment not only in the future of Delta, but in each and every Delta person and their families. We're proud to be honored by the NBGH – it's another proof point that shows how much Delta cares about the health and happiness of its employees."

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