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Delta employees continue to give new meaning to the old saying that records are meant to be broken.

This time, and with more than three months remaining in the year, Delta has achieved 165 days of 100 percent mainline "completion factor" - meaning no flights were canceled - which bests the full-year record of 161 set in 20151.

“Having already surpassed last year’s record completion factor performance is an exciting feat and I’m humbled to be a part of this team who is redefining excellence in global airline operations,” said Gil West, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer.  “Hats off to every Delta professional across the world for the focus on running an incredible safe and reliable operation.”

165 days in 2016 is roughly equal to about two-thirds of the entire year in which there have been no mainline cancelations. There are approximately 100 days remaining in 2016.

Breaking into this new record territory comes alongside two additional cancellation-free "Brand Days" - no cancelled flights including Delta Connection regional carriers. That brings the total for the year to 502.

“Superior operational reliability on a consistent basis continues to drive goodness across the business and reinforces why our customers choose to fly Delta time and time again,” West said.

1 Based on Delta’s internal statistical reporting of Delta operated flights scheduled 1) year to date 2016 and 2) the full 2015 calendar year.

2 Based on Delta’s internal statistical reporting of Delta and Delta Connection operated flights scheduled between Sept. 16-18