This week, Delta people finished a day with no canceled flights for the 100th time in 2015, reaching a remarkable operational milestone with three months to go in the year.

In his weekly message to Delta employees, CEO Richard Anderson said of the feat: “This is an unprecedented accomplishment that should make all Delta people proud.  More customers are choosing to fly Delta every day because of our consistent, reliable, top-notch operation.”

“Customers value operational reliability tremendously and it can be the deciding factor when it comes to winning their loyalty,” Anderson said.

In the industry, it's known as "completion factor" - the percentage of scheduled flights completed in a day. Sounds simple, but anything from weather to unexpected maintenance problems can cancel flights anywhere in the world.

Delta's numerous high-performing teams - ranging from maintenance to meteorology - have driven the airline to 100 days of 100 percent completion factor so far this year.

There are 97 days left in 2015 and Delta teams will work to continue to push the operational record higher. 

- Morgan Durrant