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Delta has surpassed last year's total number of cancel-free days with two weeks left in the year, logging 243 days without canceling a single mainline flight1 and besting the airline's previous record of 242 set in 2017.

"Continuing to take operational reliability to new heights, together with our service-from-the-heart focus, is what makes the Delta Difference," said Gil West, Chief Operating Officer. "Every flight matters when nearly 200 million customers count on us each year. This further reinforces our continued investment in our operation and our people as we seek out any opportunities to improve and keep climbing."

Dave Holtz, Senior Vice President — Operations and Customer Center, echoed the sentiment with the team, "I'd like to thank all of the operating divisions and the OCC for continuing to raise the bar in canceling cancellations."

Delta continues to lead the industry in completion factor performance, which is the measure of the number of flights flown versus scheduled, maintaining an impressive 99.62 percent year to date.

Additionally, teams across the Delta portfolio are once again setting a high standard and beating other operational records. The combined mainline and Delta Connection operation have accumulated 140 brand days, or combined cancel-free days compared to 89 this time last year.

Raising the bar through investments and efficiency

Delta's TechOps teams continue to raise the bar in performance and planning in what's been another record-breaking year with a busy summer and Thanksgiving holiday so far. The airline is also on track to meet last year's number of days without a cancel due to a maintenance issue, with 313 days logged relative to last year's total of 324 days.

Some advancements include Delta's approach to how certain aircraft types are routed and scheduled for service, and a consolidation of the MD-88 fleet to one hub in Atlanta — ultimately allowing for optimized aircraft routing and spare availability, reducing operational impact through the year.

"With safety at the forefront of all we do, our goal is to show up for our customers with a reliable product e​very day," said Don Mitacek, Senior Vice President — TechOps. "Our maintenance teams are doing an incredible job getting our customers from point A to point B and beyond as efficiently and safely as possible. This level of success would not be possible without their dedication and hard work."

(1) Based on Delta internal flight operations reporting for Jan. 1 to Dec. 20, 2018, based on flights scheduled and operated across Delta's mainline.