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The expansion will include a limited number of elite aviation programs, including Jacksonville University.

The Delta Propel Pilot Career Path Program launched in 2018 to help identify, select and develop the next generation of pilots. While the program initially launched with eight partner universities, Delta is now expanding with a limited number of elite aviation programs, including Jacksonville University. The program also expects to grow later this year with additional partnerships. 

Named an "America's Best College" in the south for more than 10 consecutive years by U.S. News & World Report, Jacksonville University is a premier private institution in northeast Florida. Founded in 1934, the University offers more than 100 majors, minors, and programs, including specialized fields like Aviation.  

Jacksonville University will join the initial partner universities including:

This industry leading program complements the traditional, existing paths to becoming a Delta pilot and has three main areas of focus — college, company and community. The collegiate career path offers students at select institutions the opportunity to join a defined, accelerated and customized path from college to Delta. The program allows Delta to recruit talented pilots at an earlier stage in their career, provide a Qualified Job Offer to selected students and be an integral part of their professional development.

As part of the program, students and employees who are accepted are also able to apply for a competitively priced private student loan from Wells Fargo to assist with the cost of flight training.

During the next decade, Delta expects to hire more than 8,000 pilots to staff the thousands of daily flights it operates around the world as other pilots approach mandatory retirement age. The Propel program will supplement the airline's current recruiting structure, which includes recruiting and hiring pilots currently flying in the airline, military and corporate sectors.

Regardless of the path, any pilot participating in the program will meet all the qualification requirements and testing aspects of Delta's current pilot hiring model, which will be metered over the course of their development.

Additional information about the program and the airline's partner universities can be found on  


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