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Delta flew more than 2.3 million customers between Wednesday and Sunday on 23,114 flights across the globe this Thanksgiving.

Sunday marked the busiest day of the period, as Delta flew approximately 646,000 people after the holiday – an all-time record for the month of November. On that day, the airline operated an impressive 5,986 flights, about 800 more than an average Sunday in November, rivaling the airline's peak summer day on July 20 with 6,091 flights.

Amid the holiday hustle, both Delta mainline and Delta Connection remained cancellation free Wednesday through Saturday ahead of a winter storm across the Midwestern U.S. that affected flights in and out of Kansas City and Chicago on Sunday, resulting in approximately 50 total cancellations across the system.

Sunday's inclement weather closed out what was an eight-day mainline no-cancel streak and four-day streak of no cancellations across the airline's mainline and Delta Connection combined operations.

The airline secured a completion factor - the measure of scheduled flights that were not canceled - of 99.77 percentwhile notching an on-time arrival score of 70.3 percent1 from Wednesday to Sunday.

“Each year Delta people are ready to tackle any challenges that come our way, including those from Mother Nature, to take care of the volume of customers trusting us with their holiday travel,” said Gil West, Delta's Chief Operating Officer. “And Delta employees continue to rise to the occasion, connecting people to holiday memories and exceeding their expectations as a reliability leader. Hats off to a job well done, as we continue to stay focused on holiday travel through the remainder of the year.”

(1​) Based on Delta internal flight operations reporting for Nov. 21 to Nov. 26, 2018, based on flights scheduled and operated across Delta's mainline and Delta Connection system.  ​

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