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New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo returned to Puerto Rico Thursday, his second visit following Hurricane Maria, aboard a donated Delta charter filled with water-filtration systems, tens of thousands of bottles of water, and other supplies to support relief and recovery.

Delta flies Gov. Cuomo, state police to Puerto Rico for humanitarian visit
The flight, which also carried the president and CEO of the New York State Power Authority, a 28-member power restoration team, and dozens of state police, marked Delta's third humanitarian mission from New York's JFK Airport in nearly as many weeks.

Delta previously coordinated two humanitarian flights to San Juan from JFK in early October, delivering a contingent of more ­than 150 state troopers, emergency and FEMA personnel, and medical and other necessary supplies to the island.

"Delta employees in New York, San Juan and elsewhere stand alongside Gov. Cuomo and all of those working toward ongoing relief and recovery in Puerto Rico," said Henry Kuykendall, Delta's Senior Vice President – Airport Operations, Northeast.

New York is home to the largest Puerto Rican community outside the territory itself, and Gov. Cuomo has been active in statewide efforts to provide a range of assistance measures, from raising money and donating supplies to setting up airport help desks to aid residents of the island who are arriving in New York.

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