Happy 90th anniversary to the flight attendant profession! On this day in 1930, Ellen Church, a registered nurse and licensed pilot, lobbied for nurses to be on board the aircraft to calm the nerves of fearful passengers. As “Chief Stewardess,” Ellen served customers on board a Boeing Air Transport flight from Oakland to Chicago.

Flight attendants like Ellen Church, along with Birdie Bomar and Sybil Peacock, who joined the ranks at Delta 10 years after Ellen’s first flight, paved a way of bravery, safety, service and determination for generations of flight attendants. Like the trailblazers who came before, the work our flight attendants are doing every day has a profound and lasting impact for generations to come.

Delta flight attendants play a vital role in the big moments of our customers’ lives in all corners of the globe. From the tender farewell departures bring to the excitement of arriving in a new place for the very first time, our flight attendants are one of the first and last faces you see before you journey into what lies ahead.

Delta is facing the most difficult crisis in the history of the company, and Delta flight attendants are continuing to set the industry standard for safety and professionalism, even in the most challenging days. Delta has made numerous key changes to ensure safe travel including requiring face coverings for employees and customers, encouraging and expanding space for safer travel,reducing touchpoints on board, and leading the industry to deliver a new standard of clean and more.

No matter the challenge, Delta flight attendants have always exemplified unwavering dedication to the safety, comfort and service that you expect when flying with Delta. Thank you to our amazing flight attendants for eight decades of distinguished service to the Delta family.

Today, and for the rest of this month, we celebrate all flight attendants then and now: from the trailblazing women who bravely took to the skies in the early years to the Delta people who continue to drive the profession toward innovative heights every day.

On May 31, we will also recognize International Flight Attendant Day as a capstone to this month of reminiscing of the days behind, recognition of the many milestones and celebration for what’s to come.