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As Delta continues its product innovation and strong focus on enhancing the customer experience, Delta Flight Products, the airline’s wholly owned subsidiary which it started in 2016, has set its engineering sights on developing the next generation of in-cabin features.

“As Delta continues its fleet-wide enhancements to improve the on-board experience for our customers through fleet modifications and new fleet type deliveries, we saw an opportunity to draw upon Delta’s engineering and product expertise to design and produce interior and in-flight entertainment products, while ultimately driving a cost advantage to the airline,” said Rick Salanitri, President of Delta Flight Products.

Developed in concert with Gogo and other suppliers, one project Delta Flight Products is bringing to life is an advanced-technology, modular in-flight entertainment (IFE) system for its upcoming C-Series aircraft deliveries.

“The concept was first explored last year together with support from Delta’s ongoing collaborative research center at the Georgia Tech Research Institute, and ultimately took flight with the C-Series program,” said Salanitri.

Delta Flight Products, which today has roughly 100 employees, primarily in engineering disciplines, is focusing much of its attention on Delta’s most strategic initiatives relating to the interior cabin and in-flight entertainment for Delta existing and new delivery aircraft fleets.

Historically, Delta worked with third-party integrators, interiors and IFE suppliers to design, engineer, certify and create Delta’s aircraft interior experience. Through DFP, Delta will better control and manage major fleet upgrade initiatives such as the upcoming Boeing 777 modification programs.  

“We’re bringing that work in-house to better manage interior and IFE programs from a customer experience and cost perspective – to the benefit of Delta,” he said.

Delta Flight Products expects to continue to grow in the coming years as its facility and manufacturing operations come online later this year. The group recently moved into an 111,000 square foot manufacturing facility just north of Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport and near Delta’s headquarters. In addition to engineers and designers, Salanitri expects to hire machinists, fabricators and manufacturing workers in the coming year, ultimately creating over 300 jobs over the next three years.