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Delta’s flight schedule Friday calls for the most number of mainline departures in a single day in the airline’s history—3,303 in all—as the busy summer schedule gets in full swing. Along with the Delta Connection operation, Delta customers will fly on 5,877 scheduled departures, beating out last year’s peak total by nearly 70 flights.

And with just shy of 600,000 customers expected to fly on Delta by the time the clock strikes midnight tonight, June 17 has certainly been a busy day across the system with Delta’s maintenance technicians kicking it into high gear to successfully operate the schedule.

“Delta TechOps has been working since last fall to ensure readiness across the system to support record days of mainline departure this summer,” said Don Mitacek, S.V.P. – Technical Operations. “From the opening of additional line maintenance stations, to the use of refined prognostics to ensure we have parts and materials where and when we need them, and to the allocation of base maintenance expertise to support line maintenance, TechOps teams are pulling out all the stops to reinforce Delta’s operational superiority.”

Though June 17 is the busiest mainline operational day on record so far, it’s just a warm up for July 29—the busiest scheduled day of 2016—when 5,955 mainline and Delta Connection flights are expected to depart.

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