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In the next decade, Delta expects to hire more than 8,000 pilots to staff the thousands of daily flights it operates around the world as other pilots approach mandatory retirement age. To assist with the hiring efforts, Delta has developed unique selection programs specifically targeted for Delta Connection pilots.

Beginning September 2018, Delta will offer a guaranteed application review to four of its Delta Connection carriers including Compass Airlines, GoJet Airlines, SkyWest Airlines and Republic Airline. The program will guarantee a minimum number of applications from each carrier to be reviewed monthly for open Delta pilot positions. Candidates with competitive applications to current Delta hiring standards will be eligible to be selected for an interview.

"Delta is committed to providing ample advancement opportunities to pilots who are already flying for our regional carriers," said Bill Lentsch, S.V.P. – Delta Connection & Delta Global Services, and CEO – Endeavor Air. "Delta Connection pilots are a critical piece to Delta's success, and this is just another way we are investing in their development and aviation careers."

Additionally, Delta previously developed the Delta Guaranteed Interview Program (DGI) that is offered to its wholly owned regional carrier, Endeavor Air. The DGI program provides a guaranteed interview for pilot employment to qualified Endeavor pilots. Additional information about the DGI program can be found on Endeavor's website.

These programs will supplement Delta's current recruiting structure, which includes recruiting and hiring pilots currently flying in the airline, military and corporate sectors. Delta also recently announced the Delta Propel Pilot Career Path Program as another way to identify, select and develop the next generation of pilots.

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