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With a New Year on the horizon, Delta people are getting ready to close out the holiday season, planning to move more than 1.7 million customers in the period between the Friday and Sunday leading up to New Year's Eve.

In the closing days of 2018, employees behind the scenes, as well as those on planes and in airports are working collectively to ensure a smooth operation for Delta's customers as they fly into a new year.

Delta's team of meteorologists in the airline's Operations and Customer Center are currently forecasting no major flight disruptions, but will be keeping an eye on a number potential winter weather systems in the Northeast, Great Lakes region and the Midwest. Helping prepare for smooth flight operations through winter weather, Delta has made significant investments this year in innovative de-ice tools, training and resources.

As always, Delta encourages all customers to monitor check, the Fly Delta mobile app and Delta News Hub for up-to-date flight status and other Delta news. 

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