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Delta booth at Saborea PR team
What do you get when you combine Food Network celebrity chefs, local Puerto Rican culinary stars and perfect weather? Thousands of foodies enjoying Saborea 2016, a culinary extravaganza that took place April 7-10 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The event, sponsored by The Puerto Rico Tourism Company and sponsored by Delta, celebrates the best in Caribbean culinary traditions with a twist of worldwide flavors.

Majumdar demo
“The world-famous Escambrón Beach was the center stage for Delta to host customers in our booth with the ocean as backdrop where they learned about our services and experienced the Delta brand using our virtual goggles,” said Cristian Hernandez, Delta’s Sales Manager – Puerto Rico.  “We want to provide meaningful ways for our customers to learn more about our brand and how we support local economy and tourism with our partners of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company.”

The event’s more than 7,000 attendees were able to experience tastings from 30 restaurants per day, plus rums, wine, beer, distilled spirits and 80 cooking demonstrations with local and international culinary personalities.

Cupcake wars Emily Ellyn
Among the celebrity chefs participating in Saborea 2016 were Simon Majumdar judge at various Food Network shows such as Iron Chef America, Emily Ellyn from Cupcake Wars, Giovanna Huyke, David Pugliese, Roberto Trevino and Cielito Rosado.

Saborea 2016 also attracted a group of Delta-hosted international journalists from Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta to learn about local celebrity and guest chefs, discover the Island’s cuisine, rums and Puerto Rico as destination.

Saborea media panel
“The PTRC and Delta are great partners as we seek to highlight Puerto Rico as a prime Caribbean destination for luxury leisure travelers,” said Noah Downer, Delta’s Manager – Caribbean. “The airline’s commitment to the economic development of the Island, in particular to the Travel and Tourism sector, has withstood the test of time as Delta has serviced San Juan for 63 years.”