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Delta employees proudly rallied behind this year’s Pride events slogan, “Give love wings and let it fly,” along with the diversity, acceptance and inclusion it symbolizes at corporate-sponsored events in June throughout the U.S. and Canada.

“Delta employees came through on a global scale this month for values that are core to our company and what it stands for,” said Tad Hutcheson, Managing Director – Community Engagement. “We know that a huge part of our success is our culture of inclusion. Our diversity strengthens and defines us.”

Delta served as the Official Airline Sponsor with support from Delta's Employee Equality Network (DEEN). Involvement spanned the Boston Pride Festival; Cincinnati Pride; Circle City IN Pride; LA Pride Festival; Motor City Pride; Nashville Pride Equality Walk; NYC Heritage of Pride; Seattle PrideFest; Seattle Pride Parade; Toronto Pride; Twin Cities Pride; and Utah Pride Festival. In each city fellow employees, friends and family volunteers participated in the parades.  Many local stations also participated in other Pride events this year.

For the first time, Delta served as the Official Airline and sponsor of the Boston Pride Festival, a co-branded initiative with partner Virgin Atlantic. In addition, they partnered to support Seattle and New York City Pride events. They will partner again to support of London’s LGBTQ community next month and Atlanta Pride in October. 

Delta’s 2017 Pride Support by the Numbers:

  • 1,100 employees walked in Pride parades in support of local LGBTQ communities       
  • 400 employees participated in the NYC Heritage of Pride Festival, the largest of any Pride festival this year
  • 16 company-supported Pride initiatives across cities in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.
  •  5 Pride initiatives this year in Atlanta, Boston, London, New York and Seattle supported by Delta and Virgin Atlantic

Upcoming Events:

  • July 8 – Pride in London
  • Aug. 27 – Silicon Valley Pride
  • Oct. 14 – Come Out With Pride Festival Orlando
  • Oct. 14-15 – Atlanta Pride

Delta at Pride 2017