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With the airline’s sights set on hiring the best in the industry, Delta, in partnership with digital interviewing company HireVue, is breaking down barriers in the traditional job seeking process by connecting with talented IT professionals via video introduction. Today, Delta will connect with candidates – both globally and digitally – in the first World Hiring Day.

Interested job seekers will have the chance to introduce themselves to Delta, among several other companies, via video by logging on to Hirevue’s website.

“HireVue powers our digital video interviewing platform, allowing us a tremendous opportunity to share Delta’s culture, values, and our brand while getting to know candidates via recorded video,” said Glen Johnson, Delta’s Director – Talent Acquisition. “Video is a great way to see how candidates express themselves and is a step above a simple phone screening technique.”

Over the next several months, Delta’s IT department will hire more than 100 people for positions such as business analyst, architect, system engineer, Cloud engineer, mobile developer, DevOps engineer, UX engineer, Agile lead, API developer, SAP specialist, as well as for management positions.  

On World Hiring Day – planned as an annual event - Delta will virtually meet talented IT professionals on their own time and terms, potentially matching them to opportunities at Delta. Digital interviewing is part of the company’s initiative to build a talent pool of top tech candidates.

“Over the past 12 years, we’ve seen the power of video to build great teams by allowing talent to showcase their true ability to work,” said Mark Newman, HireVue’s Founder and CEO. “Leading companies who have embraced video are also seeing the overwhelmingly positive candidate response to having a voice beyond a static resume in the critical initial vetting stage.”

Other companies participating in the event include Chipotle, Netflix,, NFL, Carnival, Equinix, Hilton Grand Vacations and Delta Global Services.

-  Contributed by Wendy Schmid, Delta Talent Acquisition

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