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Two days after launching one of the longest Live events in Facebook history, Delta is continuing its Big Thank You Friday, which has already seen nearly 70,000 employees recognized for their daily efforts ahead of the busy summer travel season. The live broadcast can be seen at where more than 11,000 more employee names will be read through Friday.

By 10 a.m. Friday, the Big Thank You had garnered around 275,000 views, 22,000 "reactions" and 2,500 "shares." Employee feedback about the recognition effort was overwhelmingly positive, with some commenting:

  • Shannon Yaw: "This is so awesome! Happy to be part of the best Airline out there! Thank you Delta for letting me a part of the Delta Family!"
  • Waka Barrett: "I'm honored to be called my name by SLC station manager. Thank you Tony!"
  • Donna Shull: "Thank you so very much for 40 years working for The Best company ever!"
  • Pam Berinato Morris: "I'm such a geek that I set my alarm to hear it! On a layover and was so happy when I found out I would be able to see it."
  • Tonie Tobias: "This is why I love my company. Thank you Delta for an awesome 21 years. When times get challenging it is things like this that give me an extra boost to keep making Delta a great place to work."
  • Vincent Brigante: "Every time I wonder, what else Delta will do to make me proud… they go and KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK. I couldn't be more proud to work for this wonderful company. GO DELTA"

More than 430 celebrities, athletes and business leaders from Delta and its global partnerships in 20 cities around the world are sharing their thanks with Delta people by reading the names of each employee. Familiar faces like Jeff Foxworthy, Sean Astin, Anthony Anderson and the cast of "Stranger Things," who were featured in the first 24 hours, were joined by Chelsea Football Club, Dr. Bernice King, Miss America and more on Day 2. Anyone can log in to see who steps up to thank Delta employees next by visiting

Employees can visit the Delta Big Thank You microsite to find out when their name will be announced.

"The response from employees and friends of Delta has been incredible, but not surprising," said Joanne Smith, Executive Vice President & Chief HR Officer. "Delta has the best employees in the world who live the Delta difference and make us proud every day. Our people deserve this recognition for all they do every day for Delta and our customers." 

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