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Delta increased its capacity between Lima, Peru, and Atlanta this week by 18.5 percent, replacing its Boeing 767-400 with a Boeing 777-200. Delta will be the only U.S. airline operating in Peru with an aircraft of that size.

“Having a larger aircraft, the Boeing 777 with 46 more seats, reflects market momentum and customer preference,” said Rodrigo Bértola, Delta’s Director – Hispanic South America. “While increased bookings are a way to measure growth, it is equally important to measure customer satisfaction through travel surveys which reflect increased satisfaction with their Delta experience.  Our customers honor us with their choice and loyalty.”

Delta Cargo’s operation in Peru, the largest in Latin America, will also benefit from the Boeing 777’s arrival to Lima. This new aircraft allows Delta to increase the average load factor of 17 tons to 25 tons per flight, supporting the expected increase in cargo volume of agro-industrial products from Peru to markets in Europe and Asia. Currently, Delta transports primarily perishable products such as asparagus, mangos, berries and avocados from Lima.

“Delta’s change in aircraft represents a significant stake in the positive economic momentum Peru is experiencing and a reaffirmation of our commitment to cargo customers who entrust us with their shipments throughout the year,” said Miguel LaTorre, Delta Cargo Manager – Peru. “Delta is a strong choice for Peru to reach not only the United States but also a greater number of markets in Europe where we can offer better transit times to Amsterdam, Paris and Madrid through our main logistics center in Atlanta.”

The Boeing 777-200 features 37 Delta One full flat-bed seats with direct aisle access and large personal entertainment screens with thousands of hours of movie, TV and music programming. Delta One customers will also enjoy industry-leading food, with Latin-inspired meal selections by Chef Michelle Bernstein, paired with elegant wines chosen by Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson.

The 291-passenger aircraft also includes 36 Delta Comfort+ seats and 218 seats in the Main Cabin. Delta's latest improvements include the introduction of new sleep kits and several other upgraded amenities for passengers seated in the Main Cabin on flights to and from Peru. Customers flying in Delta Comfort + benefit from up to four additional inches of legroom and 50 percent more recline than Delta’s standard international Main Cabin seats.

Complimentary beer, wine and spirits are available to customers throughout the aircraft and Delta Comfort+ customers benefit from priority boarding and dedicated overhead bin space. Nearly all of Delta’s 777 aircraft are equipped with in-flight satellite Wi-Fi.

Delta is planning a series of events to celebrate the arrival of the Boeing 777-200 to Peru, including customer gifts, a special trivia to introduce Peruvian travel agency partners to the new aircraft and branding at the international airport of Lima to highlight the airline’s growth in the market under Delta’s “Keep Climbing” slogan.

Passenger growth in the Peruvian market is being bolstered by strong GDP growth and a stable economic platform. Additionally, Machu Picchu is one of the top tourist destinations in all of South America.  The stunning set of Incan ruins has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was also classified in 2007 as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

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