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Delta teams at the airline's Operations and Customer Center as well as airports along the Gulf Coast are keeping an eye on Subtropical Storm Alberto, the first named storm of the season, as it moves northward over the eastern Gulf of Mexico.

The storm is expected to make landfall just west of Panama City, Fla. Monday afternoon. Crosswinds and heavy rain will impact airports in and near the path of the storm. Winds are forecast to be in the 45-55 mph range. Delta anticipates delays and cancellations at these airports as it moves through the Gulf Coast on Monday and into this week. 

Delta has issued a travel waiver for six destinations in Alabama and the Florida Panhandle to allow customers to make one-time changes to their itinerary without incurring a fee.

As always, customers are encouraged to check or the Fly Delta Mobile App for the most up-to-date flight status information. 

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