In celebration of its 100th anniversary, American Express Travel has established a call to action in order to recognize people in the travel industry who make travel experiences more memorable — sometimes even transformational.

Delta’s own, Paulette Brown, a Tampa-based Customer Experience Specialist, was recognized as a “Journeymaker.” Paulette was acknowledged for going above and beyond for a military wife who was trying to spend Christmas with her husband. Her story is highlighted in a video on the JourneymakerSM site.

Delta News Network recently talked to Paulette to discuss her involvement with the campaign, her job and her surprise ride on a hot air balloon.

Delta News Network: Tell us more about your call with Mallory. How were you able to assist the couple?

Paulette Brown: It was a tough time in my life when I took her call, so I understood her situation. I could hear in her voice that she needed my help to be with her family. So, I did all that I could to help her out. I didn’t know if I was going to find seats since it was around the Christmas holiday. I just really took the time and did what was asked of me and looked and it worked out. It shows that if you do something good from the heart, you will go far without even thinking about it.

DNN: Delta and American Express share an important partnership that has spanned over the last few decades. How does it feel to participate in the “JourneymakersSM” campaign?

PB: It’s mind blowing. It’s an honor to see the work you do every day being appreciated. For [my interaction with Mallory] to have received this much recognition and to have gone this far is a blessing.

DNN: Aside from the video, did you have an opportunity to capture some great memories from the experience of meeting Joe and Mallory in person?

PB: Yes, after the couple surprised me with the hot air balloon ride, they reached out to me to share the photos Joe took and to make sure I made it home safely.

DNN: Speaking of the hot air balloon. How was it?

PB: [Laughs] I was so stoked! Earlier this year, I told my fiancé I wanted ride in a hot air balloon. It’s crazy how you speak things into existence. All I could think is, “Is this really happening to me? Is this real?!” I was very happy.

DNN: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

PB: I have the power to make a difference. I have the ability to turn someone’s day around and make sure someone smiles at the end of my call. To hear the joy in someone’s voice after I help them out is the most rewarding thing.

DNN: After everything that has come from this interaction with a customer, what is something you would like your colleagues to know?

PB: Listen from your heart. You can’t always put up a wall when you get a challenge. I think that’s where the problem falls. Just take it in and do everything in your power to make things happen. Hearing when someone needs help and responding to their needs can make a big difference. Be kind. Find the love and make things happen.

The Journeymaker site is available for travelers, including Delta employees and retirees, to share how people make trips memorable and to learn more about the American Express Travel campaign.

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