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Today, Delta joined more than 50 Georgia companies signing on to a letter led by the Metro Atlanta Chamber, urging the Georgia General Assembly to approve and sign into law a comprehensive, specific and clear bill against hate crimes.

“Georgia businesses employ millions of citizens from all walks of life,” the letter reads.

“They represent our state’s rich tapestry of diversity. Georgia is annually hailed as one of the ‘Best places to do business,’ and in order to maintain that reputation, and encourage prospective companies to locate here and workers to live here, we must also be in the business of advancing policies that support the positive change and social impact our communities need in order to build a more just and inclusive world.”

Delta CEO Ed Bastian, who is the 2021 Chair elect of the Metro Atlanta Chamber and a current member of the Board, said in his most recent memo to employees, “We need to do better as a nation and as a society to take on racial inequality and injustice. And we need to do better as a company.”

The coalition has set up a website to build support for this effort. Visit to learn more about the issue.

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