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Delta understands that its corporate customers are counting on the airline to get them to their destination, and on time. That's why in 2015 Delta established its Operational Performance Commitment, pledging to deliver superior operations and putting money behind the airline's performance.

Now, Delta is taking another step forward with the launch of two metrics that provide corporate customers with detailed operational performance information down to the specific flight, including itineraries with connections. These tools, which come in response to customer requests and are unmatched in the industry, will help corporate customers make more informed decisions about their travel.

  • The Trip Fulfillment Factor measures the likelihood of a corporate customer experiencing a disruption-free flight, including itineraries with connections.
  • The Trip On-time Factor measures the likelihood of a corporate customer reaching their final destination on-time, including itineraries with connections.

Combined, the Trip Fulfillment Factor and Trip On-time Factor allow corporate customers to compare all trip options across Delta and its major U.S. competitors – whether travel is nonstop, one-stop or more – so they can make the best choice for their upcoming flights. With these metrics in place, Delta will become the first U.S. carrier to provide corporate customers with account-specific reporting on the routes on which their travelers actually fly.  Corporate customers will be able to access reporting via their Delta sales account manager, and in the future via Delta Pro, the airline's travel management portal for agency and corporate customers.

"Two of the things we value most at Delta are leading the industry in operational reliability, and listening and respondin​g to feedback from our customers," said Delta V.P. of Sales Operations and Development Kristen Shovlin. "The new operational performance metrics we're launching today reflect our commitment to both of those values. We're arming our corporate customers with operational information at a level of detail and relevance that far outpaces what other airlines can offer, giving them everything they need to make the best decisions possible for their travelers."

These new metrics build upon the airline's, Operational Excellence Calculator, announced in 2016, and Operational Performance Commitment, first launched in 2015. The Trip Fulfillment Factor and Trip On-time Factor provide a platform for the airline to further evolve its suite of operational excellence reporting in the future to be even more tailored and specific to customers' needs.

"Along with our Operational Excellence Calculator, regular reporting, and Operational Performance Commitment, our new Trip-Level Reliability reports serve as the fourth pillar in our Operational Excellence suite of products," said Will Strattner, GM Sales Technology. "Collectively, these products demonstrate the value of Delta's industry-leading reliability for our corporate customers."

Delta will initially make Trip Fulfillment Factor and Trip On-time Factor data available for flights originating in North America and expects to expand it to include international and codeshare flights in the future.

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