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Once again, Delta leads its domestic global competitors American and United in the U.S. Department of Transportation’s metrics for on-time performance, completion factor, fewest baggage handling complaints and fewest overall service complaints.

The high finish means Delta achieved the goals of its Operational Performance Commitment. Introduced in August 2015, OPC guarantees Delta will outperform American and United or compensate corporations if it falls short.

According to the Department of Transportation’s year-end Air Travel Consumer Report, Delta claimed the No. 3 spot behind Hawaiian and Alaska airlines for domestic mainline on-time performance and completion factor, outranking American, United and Southwest. Last year, Delta logged a record-setting 214 days with zero domestic mainline cancellations, topping the 2014 record of 95 days. The results far surpassed that of global carriers American and United, which ended 2015 with a combined 34 days without cancellations.

“Delta’s improvements in performance did not happen overnight. We have been working hard and investing in the right technology, products and services to make sure we perform at the level our customers expect,” said Bob Somers, V.P. – Global Sales. “Every flight completed, every on-time arrival and every bag at the ready can be the difference in making a meeting, closing the deal or getting home in time to say goodnight.”

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