The Lysol team performed meticulous walk-throughs of Delta ticket counters, gate areas and baggage claims; observed cleaning procedures onboard aircraft; and more. 
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Delta’s Global Cleanliness division continues to work with teams across the airline and with partners to advance safety and cleanliness throughout travel. Our work with RB, the makers of Lysol®, is advancing our disinfection protocols on the ground and in the air. Just this week, we began provisioning our flight attendants with Lysol Disinfecting Wipes to use on high-touch areas on our aircraft, including lavatories. Earlier this fall, agents at all of Delta's U.S. airports began using the wipes to clean customer-facing areas in check-in lobbies, at the gates, and elsewhere throughout the terminal.

Delta and Lysol first announced their partnership in July, pairing Delta’s strength in safety and operational rigor with Lysol’s 130 years of germ-kill expertise and innovation to continue improving on Delta CareStandard protocols launched during the COVID-19 pandemic. We hosted their expert team at New York’s LaGuardia Airport in September, providing them with a firsthand look at what our employees and customers experience every day. 

The Lysol team performed meticulous walk-throughs of Delta ticket counters, gate areas and baggage claims; observed the cleaning procedures onboard an aircraft; and led focus-group discussions with Delta flight attendants and customer service agents, all to help inform their recommendations for new products and protocols.

After the visit, said Marcia Bole, Lysol’s Vice President of Research & Development Operations, “We are able to better understand: What are the various surfaces made of? What are the combinations of interactions between employees and passengers? And what are the products we would recommend for the best disinfection…to provide consumers with peace of mind?” 

“[Lysol’s] focus on customer service and excellence, as well as their forward-looking innovation, mirrors Delta’s commitment to the same,” said Jon Litzenberger, Delta’s Managing Director – Global Cleanliness. “This is the perfect partnership to look at cleaning well into the future.”