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Delta maintained its high standards of operational excellence during this year’s Thanksgiving week, one of the busiest travel times, particularly in mainline cancellation rate, on-time arrivals and baggage handling.

In the days before and after Thanksgiving, Delta cancelled only five mainline flights. On Sunday and Monday, the airline saw its busiest days of the week with more than half a million customer bookings and over 5,600 mainline and Delta Connection departures on both days, compared to more than 5,000 departures on a more average winter schedule day.

The airline achieved above-goal performance for on-time arrivals, with 92.1 percent of Delta’s domestic mainline flights clocking in on-time, or within 14 minutes of their scheduled arrival. The airline also operated an above-goal bag performance at a rate of 2.41 complaints per 100,000 customers.

“In addition to better than goal on-time performance, above-goal bag performance also proved outstanding despite increased holiday travel volumes,” said Bill Lentsch, Senior Vice President – Airport Customer Service and Cargo Operations. “Teams did an amazing job getting our customers and their belongings where they needed to go, when they needed to be there.”

Delta’s operations have had a record setting year – in August, employees broke the record for most days without a canceled flight in a calendar year.