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Financial publication Barron’s has named Delta one of its Top 10 Stock Picks for 2016, the only airline to make the influential list along with companies like Apple, CVS and Electronic Arts.

Barron’s cited the airline’s operational performance as a significant strength that will help it boost its share of corporate travelers over the next year.

“Over time, good performance on those measures tends to lure business fliers who are highly averse to wasting time, and are also fairly indifferent to paying premium prices,” the publication noted. “In a recent survey of corporate travel managers, Delta beat its rivals for a second consecutive year. That sets up the company to gain share in a lucrative part of the market.”

Barron’s also praised Delta for capacity restraint that is improving its margins in weak markets, and cited ongoing savings from low fuel prices that will help the bottom line next year.

Delta will present its 2016 financial strategy to Wall Street on Dec. 17 at its annual Investor Day in New York. That presentation will be webcast at

Delta’s shares rose in mid-morning trading Monday, trading at $51.21, up nearly 3 percent.