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The way digital news is presented is constantly changing, so what may have been cutting edge in 2015 doesn't quite feel as fresh in 2018. In that spirit, we've launched the redesigned homepage of Delta News Hub, the airline's external news site.

The News Hub's new look is aesthetically pleasing, we think, accurately reflecting the modern and innovative brand attributes you see on board Delta aircraft, in Delta Sky Clubs and on the airline's other experiences and platforms.

But as important as the design,  is our goal to provide News Hub consumers with a better overall experience to help you find what you need faster. Some changes:

  • Clearer organization: The homepage groups content with more labels and a clean, uncluttered style.
  • More news spotlighted: In keeping with trends on news sites, the page showcases more content above the digital "fold," with more entry points.
  • Latest News emphasized: The homepage offers a longer list of the freshest news items, highlighted in the left column. And all content on the page is timestamped.

The homepage refresh is the latest in a series of enhancements we've made to the News Hub since its launch, including the introduction of landing pages in 11 languages, an improved Search function, updated Images and Videos library and more.

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Charles Gay has been the Editor of Delta News Hub since its launch in June 2015.

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