Kumasi, Ghana, July 6, 2007 -- Delta employees who gave up their vacation to spend nine days in Ghana building homes for Habitat for Humanity last month are ensuring the community continues to benefit from their work.
Delta volunteers lay bricks in Mowire.
Anyone can contribute to the Delta Community Credit Union account that will provide funds for a well in the Mowire community, where 40 Delta volunteers built eight houses last month through Delta’s Force for Global Good. Donations are being accepted to account No. 0991585813.

Mowire is a community outside of Kumasi, the second-largest city in Ghana. While residents were thrilled for support from Delta’s Force for Global Good, they live in these new homes without running water or electricity. Delta provided $100,000 in support to build a total of 40 homes in that community.

The average per capita national income in 2005 was about $450. The house sponsorship cost is $2,500. Homeowners pay a $1,500 mortgage over 10 years, said Lisa Ellis, regional director, West and Central Africa-Habitat for Humanity International.

“It’s a privilege and opportunity to say thank you,” said Christian Adu Doku, one of the new homeowners during the dedication of the new homes June 21. “We’d like to see the continuation of Delta’s Force for Global Good. Thank you for leaving the comfort of your homes to come down and realize the long-awaited dreams of being a homeowner. The blessings of God will be shared on you all of the days of your life.”

The volunteers came from across Delta and Delta Technology and included one retiree. They divided into four teams for the Habitat build: Mark Krolick, managing director-Marketing, led the Embusua team; Barry Matthews, customer service agent, Atlanta, led the Baako team; Yohance Mitchell, project manager-Airport Customer Service, led the Blue team; and Carina Bertella, regional manager-Cargo Operations, led the Soronko team.

During the dedication ceremony, the volunteers had an opportunity to share how they felt about building these homes with the new homeowners. Many did so through tears.

“This is just so much bigger than I expected,” said Caroline Campbell, daughter of Mike Campbell, executive vice president-Human Resources. “It’s so beautiful. Thank you very much for the opportunity,” she said, unable to hold back the tears.

Mowire leader bestows friendship sashes upon volunteers.Barry Matthews, also got a little choked up. “I thought we were coming here to give,” he said. “But you gave us a truckload.”

Once the team returned to the United States, they immediately started talking about the experience with their friends, family and each other.

“I’ve found myself talking about all of the Delta people I met on this trip as much as Ghana itself,” said Chris Culver, Technical Operations engineer, Atlanta.

“I think we all bonded with the people in Mowire and I can think of no better way to reflect this bond,” said Kathy Ronay, Atlanta senior learning designer.

Kathy and Chris were responding to a note from Amy Moss, performance leader, Sacramento, who didn’t waste time sharing her thoughts with all of the participants, who bonded so closely that a guest newspaper reporter commented on how well the team jelled.

“It’s a sentiment of a customer-service industry. It’s fabulous how well you all got along and you can tell you genuinely like each other,” said Alexis Scott, publisher of the Atlanta Daily World.

“I have tried to find the right word to encompass this experience and I can only say WOW,” said Georgia Range, flight attendant, Atlanta. “What a fellowship we have developed among ourselves. The bond between our extended family in Mowire is beautiful.”

“It may sound like a cliché, but it really was an honor to build houses with each of you in Ghana,” Curt Mitchell, Atlanta customer service agent, said to the group. “I truly did have the experience of a lifetime!”

Source: Newsline, Delta News Network


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