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It was the bottom of the sixth inning, and the outcome turned bleak for Babe Ruth League baseball team, the Norwalk Connecticut All-Stars, before Delta employees from Airport Customer Service and the Operations and Customer Center stepped in to save the day.

The All-Stars were traveling over the summer from New York-LGA to Branson, Mo. for a World Series championship when severe weather over the northeast resulted in their flight cancellation. With only hours to spare until their game, the group of 40 baseball players and their family turned to Delta and ACS employee, Marcus B., for help flying out of New York City.

"It's going to be tough, but let's see if we can make it happen,'" Marcus told the team.

Marcus called Brian W. in the OCC to ask if there were any available aircraft and crew members for an extra trip that night. Brian and the OCC quickly went into action to locate a plane and match a crew. "All of a sudden Flight 9185 popped up," said Scott F., coach for the Norwalk All-Stars.

"With our company, everything is possible," Marcus said.

Watch the story unfold in the video above.​​

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