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Although Dec. 2 is the International Abolition of Slavery Day, there are more people enslaved in the world today than at any previous time in history. On Friday, Delta took a stand to do something about it. 

One of the most effective methods for preventing human trafficking is educating children in vulnerable communities. So, Delta people came together to pack 750 pencil pouches at the Delta headquarters in Atlanta that will help send children at risk of exploitation in Southeast Asia to school. Delta's #GetOnBoard employee ambassadors, C.E. Woolman Emerging Leaders and other volunteers donated school supplies including pencils, pens, notepads, rulers and more throughout November, and assembled the pouches in the spirit of Abolition Day.

The pencil pouches initiative was a collaborative effort with Delta partner She Is Safe, an Atlanta nonprofit that works to end human trafficking.

The pouches help fight human trafficking in several ways. Distribution of the pencil pouches gives She Is Safe personnel access to at-risk children, building and strengthening relationships between anti-traffickers and local villages. The lack of school supplies in these villages can prevent children from gaining access to school, so by providing the supplies in these pouches, young people in impoverished communities are more likely to attend school and receive an education that will give them the skills they need to generate income for their futures and families. The pouches also contain a card with tips of trafficking prevention and safety as well as an emergency hotline for children or parents to call if they fear an exploitive situation.

"Our work is to prevent, rescue, and restore women and girls from abuse and slavery. We're a staff of 21 people; without the help of a large corporation like Delta Air Lines, we just couldn't get anywhere close to those goals," said Michele Rickett, Founder and President of She Is Safe. "I'm proud to partner with Delta Air Lines as a modern-day abolitionist."

Friday's abolitionist event represents the most recent pin on the map of Delta's larger #GetOnBoard movement. The airline's campaign stands as a message to victims, survivors and exploited women around the world that they are being seen, heard and fought for. ​

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