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Delta is scheduled to operate 6,091 flights today, the most of the year, as summer travel continues to be in high demand. And Delta’s more than 80,000 employees across the world are rising to the challenge, providing their customary warm customer service and best-in-industry operational performance today – as they have all year long.

Employees help customers in Seattle
“The biggest challenge on a day like today is to maintain focus and pay attention to the details so that nothing slides through the cracks,” said Maurice Burkes, Operations Service Manager in Minneapolis-St. Paul. “Staying focused helps us stay safe while providing the best customer service possible.”

Sumie Baker, Operations Service Manager at the busy Minnesota airport hub, said it was "all hands on deck" starting early in the morning for the MSP team. "From the management on down, everyone worked together to make sure the flights went out on time,” she said.

At Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta airport - Delta's biggest hub and the world's busiest airport - things were even more hectic than usual. “Wow why is so crazy here today?” one customer, traveling with his wife and two children, asked agent Shawn S., who was working the bag drop line. “Well you know we’re the No. 1 airline,” the agent replied with a smile.

At Delta’s Terminal 3 at London-Heathrow, the queues began before 7 a.m. as customers enduring the U.K.’s longest heat wave in more than 50 years readied to jet to far-flung destinations. Of the nine flights departing today, there were just 45 spare seats.

“With the summer peak starting today the whole team, including our business partners, pulled together to deliver a safe and secure operation,” said Jill Gosling, Delta's London-Heathrow station manager. “It's on days like that our team really shine and show our customers the Delta Difference.”

Meanwhile, Delta’s U.K.-based partner, Virgin Atlantic was helping people celebrate by giving away free ice creams in the check-in area.

Delta has carried record numbers of customers this summer and for much of the year.

Delta's Busiest Day 2018