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Adam Pinsley, a graphic designer in Delta’s Marketing Department responsible for a slew of the airline’s creative assets, wasn’t satisfied with the red widget on the fleet's tail or the Delta logo adjacent to the boarding door. Brand and aircraft recognition, he said, shouldn’t end when Delta’s jets leave an airport.

So when Delta’s newest Airbus A330 arrived in Atlanta in May with more than 80 Chairman’s Club honorees on board it also carried with it the Delta logo, in gleaming white, emblazoned on the belly of the aircraft. It joined a handful of Boeing 737-900ER jets with a similar paint scheme.

Delta is among a handful of carriers sporting belly logos. 

While not visible from the ground, for airplanes flying overhead the strategically placed logo serves to further Delta’s brand visibility and awareness beyond the airfield, Pinsley said. He is working to design similar logo placements on Delta’s other fleet types.

“It fits with our brand promise of being thoughtful and innovative and really adds a unique element to what is already a sleek and modern aircraft livery,” he said.

Pinsley continues to work with Delta's Technical Operations division to design the right size and placement on each fleet type and add the modified livery into the airline’s existing aircraft repaint process.




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