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Lifestyle website Thrillist recently named Delta’s in-flight meals and beverages as some of the best in the industry, highlighting its regional craft beer offering, Delta One menus and for-purchase snacks.

“Many [airlines] are striving to earn customers’ loyalty with tray-table meals that are not only perfectly edible, but perfectly delicious,” wrote Thrillist contributor Melissa Kravitz. “Delta, for example, caused a buzz in 2014 when it started offering regional craft brews on its in-flight menu, a sign of things to come.”

Kravitz explained that now Delta One customers can enjoy chef-curated meals from Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality group and Michelle Bernstein, a James Beard Best Chef nominee.

Also highlighted was Delta’s Tapas snack box from its Flight Fuel menu, the airline’s for-purchase food program, as the U.S. airline industry’ only non-GMO snack box, as well as its unlimited Starbucks coffee.

Over the past few years, Delta has been making evolutionary enhancements to its onboard meals, featuring the culinary talents of chefs Linton Hopkins and Michelle Bernstein as well as Danny Meyer, New York City restaurateur and CEO of the Union Square Hospitality Group. As a global carrier, Delta features seasonally rotating, regionally-influenced menus that showcase ingredients sourced at the height of flavor, from artisan, local small-batch producers. Flight Fuel, launched in May 2016, focuses on healthful options, fresh ingredients and frequent refreshes to align with Delta’s evolving culinary strategy.

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