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Delta Private Jets is enhancing its Sky Access membership program by making it easier for members to book last-minute "empty leg" flights and by offering a 20 percent discount off select, published Delta Air Lines fares to get you home from your empty leg destination.

In January, Delta Private Jets launched the new Sky Access online membership program that offers members unlimited access to empty leg flights in addition to fixed hourly rate private jet travel. Members are able to book the whole aircraft without sharing it with others. With introductory memberships at $8,500 and renewal at $6,000 (rates may vary over time), the Sky Access program makes luxury travel affordable.

Empty legs are flights scheduled without passengers to ensure an aircraft is positioned for a trip at the right airport and the right time. This repositioning creates opportunity for last-minute trips at no fee for Sky Access members. Empty legs may be booked from 24 to four hours before a trip.

Now, through AmpliFLY, the company's patent-pending technology, Delta Private Jets is able to offer more flexibility for customers with additional options on departure and arrival locations for empty legs; a larger inventory for customers to view and book; the ability to select up to 10 preferred airports and receive push notifications to your mobile device when empty leg flights are available; and the ability to sort by airport code, city or state on the Delta Private Jets mobile app or Client Portal. In addition, Delta Private Jets is now offering a Client Services Team to book Delta Air Lines commercial travel for members at the 20 percent discounted rate off select published Delta fares.

AmpliFLY determines alternate, complementary route combinations to existing empty legs for customer booking. For example, if a customer's departure or arrival is scheduled for Phoenix, up to 30 or more alternate options out of nearby cities and states could be identified as potential departure or arrival locations.

"These new enhancements are a direct result of listening to feedback from our customers and giving them what they want and need in a timely manner," said Gary Hammes, President of Delta Private Jets, a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta. "And our affiliation with Delta Air Lines makes us uniquely qualified to offer these services to our customers."

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