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Delta hosted a marketing activation at the 2015 TED conference in Vancouver this week to promote its in-flight productivity amenities and explore the idea of stillness as a productivity tool.
The experience – Stillness in Motion – begins when the user receives an orb from a Delta brand ambassador and walks into the space alone. After placing their orb on a pedestal, they sit down in a chair and activate a heart rate sensor. The space begins to illuminate slowly, building into a brighter experience as the user becomes more still. The lowest heart rate is sensed, and the space is filled with a softening light experience, culminating in a pulsing light reflecting the lowest heart rate. A camera captures a photo that the user is able to share on social media using #StillnessinMotion. Users can also visit
The activation was inspired by travel writer Pico Iyer’s TED talk on “the art of stillness,” which inspired his book of the same name. In his talk, Iyer looks at the enlightenment that comes when people take time to be still and asserts that being still helps people find what most moves them and recall where their truest happiness lies. 
While the activation centers around stillness and how it relates to productivity, the space also highlights how Delta has made it easier to be productive in the air through tools like Wi-Fi, in-seat power and the Fly Delta app for those times when stillness isn’t an option.
TED is a nonprofit organization driven by the goal of spreading great ideas and sparking conversation, usually in the form of short but powerful talks. Topics cover a broad spectrum and include everything from science to business to social issues.
The TED conference is held annually on the West Coast of North America. More than a thousand people attend the conference to hear more than 70 speakers give 18-minute talks and visit the thought-provoking, experiential activations.
Delta’s sponsorship of TED aligns closely with the airline’s thoughtful, reliable and innovative brand attributes.
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