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Corporate travelers prefer Delta among large U.S. carriers for the second straight year, according to the Morgan Stanley 2016 Corporate Travel Survey released today. The airline received particularly high marks for both reliability and quality of product compared to competitors United and American.

Nearly 50 percent of travel managers surveyed choose Delta for best quality of product and reliability.

Travel managers were asked to rank airlines in five categories: quality of network, flight schedule, quality of product, reliability and price of package. Delta ranked No. 1 across the board.

“After compiling the results, our survey suggests that Delta continues to provide the best service across all categories among the legacy airlines – marking the second consecutive year that Delta took top honors in all categories,” according to the report.

The survey is based on responses from 275 managers with responsibility for travel decisions across all industries and at companies with international operations in Europe and the U.S.

Delta has invested millions of dollars in improving the on-board customer experience - from chef-inspired meals to better seating and entertainment - and has boasted record-setting operational reliability in 2015.