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Corporate travelers continue to prefer Delta when compared to other U.S. carriers, according to the Morgan Stanley 2017 Corporate Travel Survey released this week. Delta is highlighted as best-in-class for 2018 and has ranked No. 1 overall, each year, since 2013. This year, Delta's standing improved with a clean sweep across all polled categories. 

Delta's leading position includes the categories of: Route Network, Frequency of Flights, Quality of Product (seat/meal quality and frequent flyer program), Reliability (frequency of late flights or dropped bags), and Price of Package.  These rankings show improvement from last year where United and Southwest claimed the top spots for routes and package prices, respectively. 

The report also notes positive trends heading into 2018 with global corporate volumes and pricing expected to improve as well as a more bullish outlook than last year. The survey is based on responses from over 210 managers with responsibility for travel decisions across all industries and at companies with international operations in Europe and the United States. The largest industry areas covered by respondents were Technology/Telecom, Industrials and Financial Services.

Delta has invested millions of dollars in improving the on-board customer experience, from chef-inspired meals to better seating and entertainment. Delta has led the industry, over the last year, on a number of other innovative customer solutions like biometric-based self-service bag drop, RFID baggage handling, real-time bag tracking via the Fly Delta mobile app, more efficient and high tech automated screening lanes, and a groundbreaking flight deck app that helps Delta pilots avoid turbulence for a more comfortable flight. Delta's partnership with CLEAR already gives exclusive rates to U.S.-based SkyMiles Members for a faster way through security lines at more than 20 airports nationwide.



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