​By Georgia Smith, Talent & Acquisition Communications

Delta's Talent Acquisition Team received the Candidate Experience Award this year at the sixth annual Horizon Conference in San Diego.

"The world-class talent team at Delta Air Lines is setting new standards of excellence in candidate experience throughout the recruiting and interviewing process," said Kevin Parker, Chairman and CEO at HireVue. "Every hiring team should look at Delta's breakthrough approach as the leading example of how to treat job candidates with respect and deliver a great experience in every aspect of the process." 

HireVue offers an array of recruiting solutions including the digital video interviewing platform that Delta uses today. The Candidate Experience award is given to the company with the highest candidate experience Net Promoter Score. Much like our NPS used for consumers, candidates who interact with HireVue during their interview process are automatically asked to rate their experience. Delta received a candidate experience Net Promoter Score of 91.5. 

Accepting the award were Jennifer Carpenter, V.P. – Global Talent Acquisition; Wendy Schmid, Recruitment Specialist – Global Talent Acquisition; and Andy Solomonson, Program Manager – Employment Assessments & Strategy.

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