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Delta has announced the winners of the “My Next Trip Back” contest.

The airline launched its second “My Next Trip Back” contest last April following the success of the 2015 edition, inviting U.S. residents with a special connection to a Latin American country to share their personal stories for a chance to win a dream trip back to the region.

This year, the contest had two cateogories: “Parents” and “Friends.” Delta filmed the two lucky winners’ journeys from beginning to end, capturing their unforgettable experiences. The 2016 “Parents” category winner is Oscar, who travelled from San Francisco to his hometown of Mexico City to reunite with his parents, and the 2016 “Friends” category winners are Alena and Paula, lifelong friends separated for 22 years who dreamed of dancing ballet together again like they had when they first met in Cuba.  

Watch all of the videos of contest winners and finalists on the “My Next Trip Back” website, as well as on Delta’s YouTube channel.