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Delta Private Jets today announced Delta will loan six leaders to Delta Private Jets, a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta, as the organization focuses on providing the most exclusive, luxurious and seamless travel solution in the private jet industry.

Delta Private Jets
Delta’s move to share a group of strategic and innovative leaders with Delta Private Jets is a testament to the airline’s commitment to grow the Delta Private Jets brand and enhance client experience.

“The appointment of talent in sales, operations, maintenance and safety validates the commitment to accelerating the innovation and execution required to surpass our service level expectations,” said David Sneed, Delta Private Jet’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.  “Our approach is built on deep relationships that foster knowledge and skill-sharing with Delta.”

The sharing of talent between the two organizations provides the leaders with new opportunities while providing Delta Private Jets with experienced aviation professionals from one of the world’s largest airlines. Delta regularly shares talent with its partners around the world.

Delta Private Jets’ leadership appointments include:

  • Jeff Fehlis, Vice President – Sales: Fehlis previously served as Delta’s Managing Director, Global Sales, where he led a team focused on maximizing worldwide revenue, strengthening both internal and external relationships and managing partnerships with Delta's largest travel management Companies.
  • Robert Bourrier, Director – Sales and Analytics: Bourrier previously served as Delta’s District Sales Manager – Seattle District and West Region Analytics, where he was responsible for a global portfolio including world class brands such as Amazon, Nordstrom and Starbucks.
  • Patrick Busscher, Director – Maintenance Control: Busscher, a 35-year Delta veteran, previously served as General Manager – Operations Support, who brings extensive experience in maintenance, fleet reliability and maintenance control.
  • Michael Trent, Director – Aircraft Reliability: Trent brings more than 10 years of leadership at Delta in both finance and operational performance. He will be responsible for  fleet reliability improvements on all Delta Private Jets aircraft, utilizing historical data and individual aircraft trends.
  • Barry Behnfeldt, Director – Flight Operations: Behnfeldt brings 18 years of Delta flying experience, where he served as a First Officer and Special Assignment Supervisor and the Flight Operations Military Liasion. He also served as a captain in the U.S. Navy for more than 30 years.
  • Mark Carroll, Director of Safety, Security and Compliance: Carroll previously served as Delta’s General Manager – Flight Safety Programs, where he was responsible for the management and growth of safety programs.